Orange Peel Texture Drywall

The orange peel texture is one of the lightest wall and ceiling textures and currently one of the most popular, along with Knockdown.

Resembling the bumpy surface of the skin of an orange fruit, it is also referred to as egg shell texture. It can be applied in a light, medium or heavy pattern.

Orange peel texture offers a fresh and interesting look to walls and ceilings as well as helping to completely hide any flaws in the drywall.

Choose Orange Peel Texture for a Contemporary Style


Orange Peel Texture Drywall - Wyoming MN


Orange Peel requires prime and paint once the application is dry. It is a more durable option and is much easier to clean than, for instance, the Popcorn texture. Be aware, however, that once applied, the orange peel texture is considered permanent.

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