Crows Feet Texture Drywall

Also known as Slap Brush or Panda Paw, Crows Feet Texture is fairly straight-forward, but messy, to apply.

The pattern is created by slapping or stomping a slap brush into the texture, and pulling back down, twisting the brush as you go.

The idea is to create a look that resembles crows’ feet tracks. When this technique first came out, it was very thick, but now the trend is toward a thin, fine texture. It provides an interesting depth to any room.

Choose Crows Feet Texture for a Classic Style


Crows Feet Texture - Slap Brush Texture - Welk and Sons Drywall


Crows Feet texture is great for hiding small drywall imperfections. It requires prime and paint once the drywall compound has dried. It is simple to clean with a damp cloth or household cleaner for tougher stains.

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