Drywall Installation – Drywall Finishing

Drywall Installation - Drywall Finishing
Drywall Installation and Drywall Finishing are processes that require careful attention to detail.

Here is an overview of the steps taken to install and finish drywall.

Drywall Installation

The majority of homes are frame-built with wood or pressed-steel studs set at 16” centers. The 4′ X 8′ drywall sheets are hung onto the studs with screws.

As the lengths and widths are multiples of 16, the sheets fit the studs with very little waste.

During drywall installation, screws are used at intervals on all the studs behind the sheet to secure it. The drywall installer needs to be careful not to use too much force or the heads will go through the paper covering.

Drywall Finishing

In the next phase of drywall finishing, a skim coat of drywall compound covers seams, screw heads and inner corners. Then a drywall tape is pressed on the wet compound and covered with another coat of the compound. All screw heads and mars on the surface are then covered up.

A good drywall finisher is very careful not to use too much mud because it will have to be sanded off later creating more of a mess than needed. After the first coat dries it is lightly sanded and then a heavier coat is put on which brings the compound up to the surface of the drywall.

This is then sanded to a smooth finish and the surface is ready for painting. Drywall installation and drywall finishing are complete.